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Failure to comply with state, local, or tax regulations can result in penalties, fines, and potential revocation of the cannabis license (Hunzicker 2018). Effective internal controls were missing in the Alterman v. Commissioner case in which a medical cannabis company failed to maintain adequate records and failed to understand how to comply with Tax Code Section 280E (Lee 2018). Due to complexities in accounting and regulation, cannabis businesses should be perpetually ready for a potential audit by regulators or the IRS (Hunzicker 2018). Certified Public Accountants can provide small businesses, including cannabis businesses, with guidance to develop and implement effective internal controls (Kapp and Heslop 2011). Data for this grounded-theory qualitative study was gathered from twenty-three semi-structured phone and face-to-face interviews.

  • We meticulously reconcile your bank and credit card accounts, align your revenue with METRC & POS systems, and maximize your Cost of Goods Sold deductions.
  • Due to the federally conflicted nature of state-legal cannabis, operators are significantly more likely to face scrutiny from the IRS.
  • Even though federal taxation is still being discussed, marijuana is still a Schedule I drug, which means that the IRS keeps an eye on cannabis businesses.
  • However, repetition of themes indicating data saturation is a good indication that the responses would be similar if more CRB owners or Certified Public Accountants were interviewed.

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New York City Allows Cannabis Operators to Deduct Business Expenses from Local Taxes – Marcum LLP

New York City Allows Cannabis Operators to Deduct Business Expenses from Local Taxes.

Posted: Wed, 22 Nov 2023 17:12:14 GMT [source]

No longer will cannabusinesses have to jump through hoops and hurdles and pay crazy expensive fees to secure their money at a reliable financial institution. Cost of inventory includes raw materials, medical marijuana accounting Work in Process (WIP), and Finished Goods (FG). In cannabis, you start with a raw material which is a seed or a clone, and the cost of this raw material is often $0 (or very little).

Top Accounting Services for Your Growing Cannabis Business

  • To supplement your inventory and cost accounting, you may also be tempted to use an enterprise resources planner (ERP) program.
  • ” It’s a good question, and the answer depends entirely on their business, its complexity, and their needs — usually some combination of one-time fees like file reviews or set ups, and ongoing bookkeeping or advisory services.
  • “It allows us to think bigger and have more flexibility with our margins,” he added.
  • Businesses handling cannabis face varied federal tax rates and special taxations, like the cultivation tax.
  • The Certified Public Accountant should remember that the nuances of accounting for the cannabis industry go beyond Tax Code Section 280E.
  • This section has also led to a number of court cases where owners sought to demonstrate (with varying degrees of success) that they have separate trades or businesses, splitting plant-touching activities that are subject to Sec. 280E and non-plant-touching activities.

While important with any potential client, client acceptance and continuance procedures must be completed carefully with a potential CRB client. The Certified Public Accountant should start with an interview to get to know the client. The Certified Public Accountant should thoroughly investigate the status of the cannabis license or license application with the state to determine the legality of the business within state and local regulations. The Certified Public Accountant should make the potential client aware of the expectations regarding compliance with all laws and regulations with specific emphasis on 280E and tax compliance. The Certified Public Accountant may wish to learn more about the CRB owner by talking with other business contacts and references.

cannabis accounting

What is the general takeaway of the IRS adding these webpages?

cannabis accounting

Marketing, operational, and financial strategies must translate into actionable tasks that a designated team can reasonably carry out with ease within a given period. So many times, people create a business plan to achieve licensure but don’t know how to work the plan when it finally comes time to open their doors. An accountant can help with cash handling procedures that protect their bottom line. In the face of the Harborside case, political efforts look to tip the scales further toward the widely desired and more lenient 471(c) code. Leading this effort is the STATES Act, legislation pushed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren working in tandem with the SAFE Act to facilitate the full exercising of state law.

Cannabis businesses aren’t able to take deductions like most businesses can, which means that they are not legally able to take advantage of tax benefits for incurring expenses like… Payroll / Labor Office Expenses Advertising Interest Expense Depreciation Research and Development and Legal Fees. Harborside, formally known as Harborside Health Center, an Oakland, CA-based marijuana dispensary, was notably overruled in its appeal against 280E in a landmark case.

  • She saw it as an opportunity to profit in a brand-new market and reclaim power over a drug whose enforcement had long devastated communities of color, including in her hometown of Springfield.
  • The CRB should consider how much CPE and how recently the Certified Public Accountant attended the CPE.
  • Cannabusinesses’ reliance on cash-only trading, which the proposed Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act would look to reduce, requires diligent tax compliance and mitigating the heightened risk of material misstatement.
  • Last, the Certified Public Accountant could modify the engagement letter to clarify expectations regarding staying in compliance with all state and local regulations and federal tax code.
  • If a financial institution does elect to bank the industry, it must have strong internal procedures to ensure compliance with relevant federal and state laws, including anti-money laundering.
  • With cannabusinesses displaying a high demand for professional financial services, and legal developments allowing better access to a growing multibillion-dollar industry, national firms are also starting to establish cannabis practices.

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  • This study has important implications for the public accounting profession as well as the cannabis industry.
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  • I’ve been preparing to mentor a much bigger audience in 2023 and have A LOT of knowledge to share around launching and growing your cannabis accounting practice.
  • Since phone numbers were readily available on this report, phone calls were made to request participation from randomly selected licensees throughout the list.
  • Knowing each facet of cannabis production and commerce equips you with the best answers to clients’ tough questions.
  • Prepare to revolutionize your approach and reign supreme in the realm of cannabis entrepreneurship with the expertise and guidance of Sandy Suchoff.

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cannabis accounting